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your possible future

Have posted story before please take heed.
Chipped my tooth on a piece of bone aeting a chop at a bbq, it hurt a bit at the time but after a day or 2 it had settled down.
Well the pain would come and go over the next month but after a couple of asprin/ibuprofen it would go away again.
Until 1 horrible morning a woke up with a massive pain and swelling under said tooth.I took a heap of painkillers and made it through the day,the next day I had lost feeling in my chin and bottom lip felt dead to the touch and the pain and swelling was worse.I tried these home remedies clove oil(vile),salt water,heat packs,cold packs booze etc etc
I could not eat or sleep for 2 days and every time my heart beat I could feel it in my jaw(I have been stabbed twice and been in car wrecks breaking bones)this pain was THE WORST I have ever had.
After the 3rd night of no solid food and little to no sleep I looked and felt like a zombie.My girlfriend forced me to go to the dentist.
The x ray showed a small abscess on chipped tooth but because I left it pissing around with these remedies a huge abscess was on the next tooth over.He numbed me and drilled through my good tooth to the large pile of pus, it erupted like a volcano he washed it out then capped it,he removed the chipped tooth(to far gone)and again it sprang forth a river of pus,after more rinsing ,draining
I was sent on my way with a prescription for heavy antibiotics and a steroid dexamethasone.The feeling came back to my chin and lip about a week later.
The pain I felt was unbearable and a result of the infection pressing directly on the nerve no amount of clove oil will fix this or the reason for the infection(ie chipped tooth)I never want to go through this again nor would I wish it on anyone.
See a DOCTOR or DENTIST or you too will be here warning others of 3 days and nights of torture and sleep deprivation.
I was also told that I got it done just in time as the nerve damage could have been permanent and the infection can kill if it gets into the blood.

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Man I can feel your pain, I really can relate to your story. I've had a lot of problems with my teeth abscesses etc and as you stated = PAIN.

I Have a problem now with an upper left molar that woke up again and floored me like a Tyson hook. There is no pain like a freakin toothache, had to stay hom from work today, can't sleep eat read write watch tv as you mentioned as well.

Glad you got checked out and remidied.


Thank you so much for comment this really help!

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