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Nina Lovely

OMG, so its 5:30am and I have a dentist appt. TOMORROW to get my back molar pulled out because the filling fell out and the cavity is exposing the nerve. I was given vicodins which were working beautifully..until they ran out. So I was googling how to cease this pain because my whole friggin jaw is swollen. I seen topical anesthetic throat spray as a remedy on here. Well my roommate had snagged some (along with tounge compressors, rubber gloves, everything one always peels from the doctors office.) I went and just used some and while the soreness is still there, the sharp pain is GONE. This is a wonderful idea to use when you are in severe pain and cant get to a dentist asap. I hope it works for you as well as it has me!

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Alicia jurado

OMG it really. Works I was in so much pain I was crying like a bby I tried it and am pain free Thank you so much for sharing


um it isnt normal to steal from a doc's office.

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