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What help me is most importantly after you eat something especially if it's sweet...rinse your mouth out immediately.then brush your not allow food or sugar sit in the tooth....if so there will be pain.....bread is a big no no seeing that it is high in sugar though you may not taste it...... sure warm helps with rinsing your mouth out to remove the sugar but only before the pain start.....if you choose to do this during the's to if you want to sleep and become pain free's so simple......Boil some water or if you have access to hot scolding water, fill a 16 oz water bottle or soda bottle up. Wrap the bottle with a cloth or paper towel just enough so you won't burn yourself.....hold the bottle in place directly wherever you pain location is...soon the nerve will still pulsating and the pain will decrease not sure why something so simple helps but try you will not be disappointed....the hot temp of the water numb the pain works for me every time...hope I helped feel better and remember brush your teeth right after eating it will help out more than you think and prevent a toothache beforehand....

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