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Ladies and the rest of yall, I contracted this vicious virus in 2005. I have had many nasty outbreaks since then. I am natural and have never taken prescription drugs. I have discovered that raw honey on lesions work. Oh I know it's sticky, but that's better than stinging. Now the best thing I've tried that stopped the lesions on day one, my leg was hurting and weak as it is always during an OB. I used vitamin C. Its a gel pack 1000 mg. I put tire gel directly on the lesions and all around my vagina. My leg stop tingling that hour. Lesion gome less than 48 hours. Do this at the first sign of an OB. You can also take Vit C by mouth for HSV2. This can be found on the website ITS awesome. I hope this helps. Be well family

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Where can I get tire gel? I'm desperate to try anything I'm no longer taking the medication my prescribed me I'm having an allergic reaction to it.


Where can I get tire gel?


I'm sure that was a typo to say 'tire gel'. Get Manuka honey as fast as you can! Gives you relief immediately, takes the sting out and starts HEALING! It's $20 for a small bottle, but it's worth every cent! I broke out Tuesday am, overnight. Got it Tuesday night and can't believe the results.
I'm going to keep reading, but so far this is BY FAR the best natural way to go. The honey has a lot of other benefits as well. Good luck!

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