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most remedies point out that they work best if you apply them at the first sign of the fever blister/cold sore. but what if you wake up with one, or are stuck at work? what do you do once it's too late and the fever blister is fully developed? TEA is the answer!

using the following method i was able to turn my cold sore into a scab in less than 24 hours:

-make yourself tea using a fresh tea bag. any regular tea will do, doesn't have to be green tea. put the tea bag aside and let it cool down. when cool enough -and still plenty wet- apply it to your cold sore for 20-30 minutes (lie down and watch some tv).

-next, apply a generous amount of Tea Tree Oil all over the fever blister using a clean cotton swap. this stuff has a very strong smell and taste, but it has a million uses so go out and get yourself a small bottle.

that's it.. within a couple hours you'll notice the swelling begin to go down and the blister harden. repeat the process again before bed if you have time (or just re-apply the Tea Tree Oil if you don't) and in the morning your lip will be normal size and a dark scab will be forming.

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The tea tree / tea bag treatment absolutely works. I didnt protect my lips while on the beach all day so i woke up the next day with a HUGE fever blister on my lip. After reading this article i ran to walgreens and bought tea tree oil and tea bags. Since we were driving back from florida i took the opportunity to do the routine multiple times. I stopped at chik fil A and bought a cup of hot water, stuck a tea bag in. Once cool i rotated tea bag treatment for 20 minutes with tea tree oil for the next 30 minutes. Yes! The oul taste terrible but its a small price to pay. After the very first rotation the swelling was less and the redness was gone. By the time i got home 8 hours later, the blister was gone and the swelling was quite a bit less. I was hoping when i woke up the next day all of the swelling would be gone but it wasnt. The blister is still gone so for sure this treatment speeds up the process. Im going to spend today doing the rotation again and im betting this will be gone by tomorrow. I'll let you all know.


What if u only have the tea bag?


I would definitely recommend this remedy! I woke up with a horrible fever blister on my lip, and had to spend the day at work as it formed till I could get to the store. Soon as I saw this, I thought I'd try it cause we all know how self conscience we can get with these things lasting days. Did exactly as it said, and by the next day, the scab was already forming. .swelling was a little less than the day before, and no redness. Thanks for posting this, as long as you follow it exactly you should have the same results.

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