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Im waiting for surgery currently, my warts are so extensive they cover my while anal and look like cauliflower, i've had them for about 7 months now, some did go away but others have grown huge! Acv hurt too much and caused more warts, i was put in aldara that did nothing as mine grown outwards ontop of each other so the aldara doesn't hit the base if the wart, i will need alot of surgery as the doctor said there were too many to get in one hit, i am taking vitamins and probiotics but they have not improved,the pain , smell and bloodiness is unbearable and even sitting hurts,please see a professional as they can become serious if left, i hate genital warts they have ruined my life!

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Hello... Hows your surgery?
The surgery done with dermatology or the digestive surgeon?

Hope everything better...


Hey i had my surgery and they managed to get almost all of them, it went really well and I've been in no pain whatsoever! Ive had bowel movements and i was in more pain when i had the warts, a colorectal surgeon carried out the procedure and i had an overnights stay in hospital to monitor any early bleeding, I'm on my 4th day of recovery and have a few stings here and there and only mild discharge and no blood,BEST THING TO HAPPEN TO ME :) I'm so happy i've had them cit off!!all the home remedies made them worse and irritates


nastiest thing ive had on my body is HPV.Somxl got rid of the genital warts in my genital area after 2-1/2 months,not 1-2 weeks as it said it would (i have the before and after pics as proof).genital warts in my anal is a nightmare from hell.ACV (heinzs or braggs) irritates it,lights my ass on fire,takes forever to any sign of healing and is too painful to deal with.

Ill be buying terrasil soon,trying it out.other than cryofreeze or ACV,im running out of options.

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