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dont know if it will work for all but worked for me .I had an infection after a self piercing on my face(not recomended)anyway i tried several things but 1 that worked more than others surprisingly was a tea bag, after soaked in I used warm water, apply to area and it at least took the swelling down.Hope it helps

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My son broke his leg and the Dr put and enternal fixator on his leg and one of the pins is infected so I put green tea bags on it and I'm not sure if I'm suppose to leave it on over night but he goes back to Dr tomorrow and f the redness is not gone he will have to have surgery hope this works

Arsena McIntire

I have a badly infected finger (from a cuticle) and streak running up it to my knuckle. used 3 sets of regular teabags. soreness is gone, still a bit swollen but definitely not like it was.

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