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I heard about using Psoriasis cream and was leary because of the salicylic acid, but it worked like a charm. No burning at all. I also found it at the dollar store and it was just called Psoriasis Cream. The real stuff is expensive.
My legs were burning, bumpy, and I couldn't stop starching them. I got insane relief. I woke up the next day and my legs looked normal.

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Shaved my legs tonight and used a cheap razor. Got razor burn really bad. Worst I've ever had!! Looked up how to treat it and saw your post Erica. Thank you so much. I get my psoriasis cream from the Dollar Tree and it works as good as prescription cream. I just rub it on my legs and it worked wonders, burned at first but cooled the burning and stopped the itching!! Will definitely use it for this in the future and I will get some extra and tell my girls about it! Thanks again!

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