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Since turning 40, for reasons unknown, I have been getting a yeast infection about one week prior to my period starting. I have been taking diflucan, which cures the problem, but I wanted to explore more natural remedies. Ladies, I've found one that that WORKS! you'll need some organic extra virgin, unrefined coconut oil and some tea tree oil. When I feel one coming on, I first take a sitz bath with warm water and pure Himalayan sea salt. I then make suppositories out of the coconut oil ( about 1/2 a teaspoon worth) and drop in 2 drops of tea tree oil. I mix this together well, the wrap in plastic and refrigerate. I insert one in the morning and another at night. This has been curing me, thank God.

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I use to do that once amonth before my period that is a hormone realted yeast infection. I have pcos. It woukd usually go away when my period started.

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