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Hey there everyone!! I've been meaning to type this post for about a week now, but life kept getting in the way. Anyway, I just want to say I found a way to get rid of my anal warts without using ACV.

Ok quick little backstory, I first saw signs of my anal warts early last year when small bumps started showing up near my anus. I didn't know what it was back then so I just ignored them and hoped they would just go away. For the most part it was fine, and they didn't grow in size until November. Around thanksgiving my anal warts tripled in size and number and looked really bad. I immediately went to the free health clinic and they said the best thing to do was go to a specialist to do cryo. Now being the uninsured New Yorker that I am, I stayed away from that and started looking up less expensive ways to get rid of it. I stumbled upon three things that I've been using and has worked well for me: Thuja essential oils, Celandine and Compound W.

I've spent a lot of time reading up on anal warts to try to better understand it and from my research here's what I've found. Genital warts are caused by the HPV virus and a large number of men have it but are asymptomatic. Usually if warts show up, the body can get rid of them with its own immune response but for guys with compromised immune systems due to flu or illness they tend to stay and /or get bigger. This is what happened to me. Around thanksgiving I was treated for an STI and afer my treatment was over, my warts got bigger due to my weakened immune system.

So after researching and looking up ways to get rid if my warts I started using thuja oil. Thuja oil is a natural topical treatment that you can buy online and I applied it directly to my warts. I started using it in Janauary and in about 3 weeks I saw visible changes (warts starting to fall off in the shower). Even though it was working, it was taking too long
So I decided to supplement it with compound W. I would apply a little bit of compound W, as much as I can stand since that shit burns lol, then applied thuja oil on top of it. Now that fast tracked the process. I used it once and the next day my entire anal wart was covered in a hard white paste. I left it there until the night when I just pulled the paste off and with it, a huge chunk of my anal wart. This was painless btw. Compiund W works but really burns so I never used it again after that, so I went researching again and found celandine. This is also a natural product that you can buy online, and I took it orally. It's bitter so add it to water and then take it. I started this in mid February.

Now in mid March, I'm anal wary free!! I kept using the thuja oil and taking celandine and they worked well. They just take a while

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I have been dealing with these annoying warts for a couple months now. I tried ACV but that was a bit painful and I would end up with sores near the warts which made the treatment even harder. Right now I am using a combination of baking soda, tea tree oil, and ACV. So far so good. I was just wondering where you bought the thuja oil and if it was expensive?

Thanks! I really appreciate the help!


@anonymous : do you mix into a paste? hows the consistency of the paste?

the mixture of the paste reduce of your wart?

I still have some around my anal area...
I ever tried ACV alone, its good but too iritating...

does the paste cause irritating to the skin?

@ant : do the thuja oil just apply to the wart without placing the tissue paper? coz I read that cleaness and dryness is effective... how to make sure its dryness during the thuja oil application?

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