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This is a total cure for mrsa if done right. Me and my 3 kids all had mrsa boils for 7 months. We are cured now.Through prayer I was led to jojoba oil. Seriously. It inhibits the bacteria growth. The itchy red raspberry bumps are severely weakened. So cover your entire body in jojoba oil. Next mix oregano oil, eucalyptus oil and tea tree oil together
put on all new red bumps. The next thing is disrespect your laundry, add 20 team borax to all
wash loads. Next wipe down, disinfect your environment. I used generic pine sol that had 8.7 pine oil, Lysol wipes and ammonia. Wipe down all hard surfaces. Do all of these things at the same time. My family was cured in about a week or so. That was two years ago.

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How long do you keep the oil on nd how often do you do this


Where do you buy the oils.


Should I really disrespect the laundry?

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