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Emma G.

My two kids got head lice from school 3 weeks ago. I bough Nix, Rid and even tried the expensive prescription med Sklice. NOTHING WORKED! There were bugs all in my kids' heads and after a few days, my husband and I got them too! I was ready to shave every single one of our heads when I came across ClearLice on the internet. I read the customer reviews and everyone was raving about it. I thought it couldn't hurt to try this as a last option, after all it was natural...unlike all of the chemicals I had been putting on my kids' heads. The ClearLice stuff arrived the day after I ordered it and I treated the entire family...even my house! A day later and were lice free and we have been lice free ever since! I highly recommend this stuff!! Super easy to treat the heads and only one day of treatment.

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Did this shampoo get rid of the bits as well?


Did the shampoo get rid of nits as well?

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