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My issue started on Weds morning after I got out of the shower. My doctor told it was a blockage against the eardrum. She prescribed Cerumenx, basically over the counter ear drops made with peroxide. The didn't work. Calls dand told the doctor, they said to keep using them for 2-3 weeks! I stumbled upon this website while looking up home remedies and read most of the comments here. I decided that her option was CRAZY! Went to the local drug store, bought a blue adult ear bulb, went home and went to work. In about 3 mins of constant pressure and flushing, out can the dubious earwax. THANK YOUBALL FOR COMMENTS AND HELP. Crazy doctor, 2-3 weeks, YEAH RIGHT!

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You HAVE to be sure that your blockage or infection has not caused your eardrum to rupture.

It is common for a small hole to form, if you then used an adult ear bulb without knowing you will cause untold appalling damage that may be irreversible.

Please be careful with your ears.


What did you use with the adult ear bulb? Peroxide and water? Etc

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