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h. hunt

I have a fibroid that has been causing heavy bleeding for months so I looked up natural remedies. (I can't believe I didn't look it up sooner!) I was bleeding super heavy, with big blood clots and was sometimes soaking through every twenty minutes.

So I combined a few remedies, and am amazed at how fast and well it worked. I took ground ginger, a cinnamon stick and molasses and combined them in boiling water and drank a coffee cup full of it a couple times a day. It tastes surprisingly good! I also took extra magnesium supplements and drank the juice from one whole lemon once a day. I'm not sure which of these worked best since I did them all, but I was desperate.

Either way, I'm glad it worked and now I can finally enjoy some days with no bleeding! It completely stopped within a couple hours of consuming all of those things. I'm on day three and still no bleeding.

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