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I had some kinds of travel diarrhea in India and other tropical countries.
1. Trust your body. If your body wants to flush, often it makes sense. If you've got the time to wait do it. If you feel it coming, don't leave the hotel, get a lot of fluid (you'll get thirsty) and take a break.
2. Take dehydration salt (according to the free WHO-Formula: there is no patent, no big money for the pharmaceutical companies to make. Therefore it is dirt cheap or (therefore) not available in all pharmacies). Diluted in water it will work quick and ease your headache and weakness in 20 minutes. You can take a few doses per day.
3. doctor's advice is needed it is not better after 3 days. Some medicine may be helpful to rebuild the digestion flora if digestion problems will persist.
4. go to the doctor at once if there is blood (red or black) involved or if you pass out

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Wash your hands with soap and hot water before eating.

Drink clean water.

Avoid soft drinks and caffeine.

Eat white rice.

Eat green bananas.

Cook food well.

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