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stressfully anonymous

Found out I have herpes in 2010. 31yrs old. Sad. Anyways my first OB in 2014. Major. My Vagina had burning itching sensations to where you wanted to scratch it like crazy but DO NOT SCRATCH. You will make them worse.
Moving on, I take;
Ultimate Coconut Oil that is in the green box. A dietary supplement. Will find it at dietary aid section.
Vitamin D3. Good for the immune system.
I intake 5,000 IU's.
Next Vitamen C. Fights diseases. I intake 1,000mg 3x daily.
Finally, Multivitamin multimineral supplements.
Worked great! Haven't used it in awhile. Now I'm back on it cus I have a skin outbreak with itching all over. It truly annoys me. Stress can really cause you to OB.

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