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Mariel Ramos

I am a 24 yr old whom recently changed sex partners after 5 years and was experiencing BV. So I was freaking out as soon as I saw this weird looking discharge lol. I went to doctors and he diagnosed me with this condition, i started to read on it immediatly. I honestly didnt think it was really bad for some of you out there and im so sorry to hear that. I wasnt having any bad syptoms with smell ( thank you baby jesus) I was experiencing green/yellowish clumpy watery discharge, it did have a different smell to it, not fishy just different, (dont really know how to explain)I did the regular routine with anti biotics, it worked for like 3 days, once I stopped it came right back.

Anyway I bumped into this awsome forum !

This forum is great,
although I saw alot of remedies that did work for most of you females, I decided to go with the 'safest route' FOR ME at least. I didnt feel comfortable at all to stick something up there although it did make sense, but the whole gralic thing/ tampon drenched in hydrogyn peroxide, vitamin c thing didnt sound too appealing BUT i was willing to do so if the method I planned on using didnt work.



the same morning I drank 12 OZ
6 hours later it was gone. I am on 2nd day and my va jay jay is back to normal!

I feel refreshed I feel great. I drink this in the m orning and night when i go to bed, I noticed i even slept alot better. so I will be doing this for 5 days and I think i will then just have a glass n the morning. I am so happy. I hope this works for you ladies, before putting anything up there just do this !!

Thank you all for sharing.

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Could you tell me how much baking soda? Thanks!


How did u use it? As in the amount of lemon and baking soda

Mariel Ramos

Okay, So .... sorry for not being specific !!

water 12fl oz
HALF A LEMON.squeezed.
2 teaspoon of baking soda

water cold/warm, doesnt really matter.

I was drinking this day and night for 3 days. and just becasue it makes me feel great , ready for the day i drink in the morning one cup with 1 teaspoon.


Have you had any more problems after using this? . Are you still doing this?


Did it come back?


Because of this post I was inspired to try it today. I am drinking it now I only have one question though my menstrual cycle just began is it okay to still drink this? Will it still work ?


Actually I stopped drinking it everything was fine for a month, and now I am experiencing that its coming back! just a little bit, si I drank baking soda this morning just so it wont get worse, im positive it will go away, maybe I should have kept drinking it twice a week atleast. Is it working for any of you gals??

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