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This is Saturday the 4th day after I had my 2 right wisdom teeth pulled out (Tuesday). The pain was so excruciating and unbearable despite the prescription of Norco 5-325 by the dentist. Since Tuesday I was using a pill every 2 hours and even this wasn't working. In addition I took Ibuprofen 800 mg a pill every 3 hours and this combo gave me some relief for about 1 hour but after that it was just horrible. As I was searching for remedies I came across this website and after reading I went straight to Walgreens and bought the Eugenol 85% kit from the oral care section. I used it as described to clean the cavities and the pain is now gone!!!! Please share with those with dry socket issues as the conventional pain killers are just a joke!

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Thank you for yor post. It helped my husband sooo much. As soon as I read what you used, I went out and bought it. And it worked!


wait so you just use it the same as if you had a cavity and put it in the socket? i got 1 molar on each side taken out 6 days ago and my left was in complete wonder just the day after, but my right side has been under some serious excruciating pain and have a pretty bad swollen jaw that looks like if there were a rock place in my cheek... so all in all im guessing i do have a dry socket? but like im confused as to what people are saying in dipping it in oil??


ok ive concluded that i have a dry socket due to the endless red hole in my mouth.... will doing this heal it? or just relieve the pain???


the clove oil is to releive the pain. you should still be doing the other things instructed by dentist. saline washes(saltwater), no smoke, no straws or suction, no spitting, no soda, only soft foods and no extreme temps hot or cold, no extreme activity that makes blood rush to your head are the things that will heal it! And take your antibiotics!

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