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Brit with vinegar

Just wanted to add my two pence worth to the genital warts treatment discussion.

Firstly, I have no idea how I got them, but that is a different problem.

I found some apple cider vinegar here in Kazakhstan although it is labelled simply as apple vinegar, which I was told is the same.

I initially applied it by soaking a make up removal pad in the vinegar and holding in place for half an hour or so over three days, morning and night.

Yes, this is too much, and I have burned the skin, so be careful.

However I have noticed the warts have turned dark red and dried up, which for me is healing. and the burn is likely to clear up in a few day, it is very superficial.

I wanted to suggest a more localised treatment...

Dip a cotton bud in the vinegar and then hold it on the wart for about ten minutes. The vinegar is evidently an effective remedy but potent and strong.

This is a compromise between what I did and what seems to be what people are saying works.

The warts will are healing nicely, I just suggest people are not too indiscriminate and reckless in soaking the whole area, as the skin is sensitive.

But for what it's worth, apple cider vinegar has cured this problem, quite evidently.

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