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In reply to frank and to clarify for anyone reading his post. What Frank says is correct in the fact that you should never open a cyst. Don't try to squeeze, cut or puncture! However, applying various lotions and potions (as long as they are safe of course!) to the cyst without opening or puncturing is totally safe.
Having said that, having a cyst removed is such a simple procedure. I'd advise anyone to do it if the cyst is becoming bothersome and/or not responding to home treatments.
If a cyst becomes infected then you should always seek medical treatment. For those that refuse, oregano is a very effective alternative to antibiotics and will not produce resistant strains of bacteria.

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Do you have to eat it or make a paste?


How do you apply! I have one one my back, and had it "removed" surgically, but it's back. Will home remedies work on it?


Please explain how you use oregano for the cyst.



You speak like someone who thinks everyone has insurance or enough money to pay for a medical professional to remove the cyst.

Many people only have forums like these to help them and it's insulting for you to tell someone to just see a doctor and imply that the reason they don't see a doctor is because they're merely stubborn. Why do you think they're asking the question here? They don't have insurance!


Oregano essential oil is great for so many things.

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