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This is the worst boil I have ever had and I've had a few. This ones on my chest under my breast. Its been a week and I can't breathe. So last night I woke up at two am. I had made a paste of baking soda, cinnamon (natural abx) olive oil and salt. This burns and opens the wound. For the next painful 14 hours I saturated a cloth with hydrogen peroxide and put it on the boil covered with several bandages and went to work. When I got home the boil exploded. See I originally messed up by putting neosporin on it at first which started healing the top. Major mistake! Don't ever put neosporin abx cream unless the boil has popped. Its still oozing but pain has faded. I need to get this head of pus out then it will start to heal.

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Greetings Beloved, I recently suffered from the worst boil ever. It was in the crack of my butt at the top. It started off as a constant itch, afterwards it begin to grow and got more irritating. After suffering in silence for an entire week my great aunt told me: to soak in a hit rub of Epsom salt, (hit as you can stand it), after make sure you clean and dry the area. Apply a generous amount of Vaseline over r he entire area, and take some baking soda and put it over the entire greased area. I WAS awoken later on that night by the most horrific smell ever. (I sleep with my head under the covers), the smell was hideous. The only way I knew where it came from because I felt this icky wetness running down my scrotums. Why did I touch it? I dam there threw up. I had to throw my underwear away, change the linen, and wash the spot on the actress. But it was definitely well worth the work, coz I immediately felt 100\\\%'s definitely a must try

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