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RC Cola

Hi all. After reading hundreds of these posts on treatment for anal warts, I have started topical application of a mixture of ACV (apple cider vinegar from Braggs), baking soda, and a few drops of tea tree oil. I am also drinking some of the ACV itself and started on probiotics based on a few posts I have read (it seems it is just as important to fight these suckers both systemically as well as topically).

I have also read that the ACV can cause discoloration and/or scarring to the anal area, and to use Bio Oil after each ACV application to reduce the risk of this damage. I'm wondering if anyone has used Bio Oil. It seems contradictory to apply an oil to the area if it is also as important to keep the area as dry as possible (cuz warts thrive in moist areas, like in and around the anus). Can anyone help me understand the exact use and application technique of the Bio Oil?

Thanks and good luck to all - this site is fantastic and has allowed me not to get discouraged.

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Cotton ball deep in acv lone give the best progress... But it will be sting...

My gw smaller now...
But inside the anus it seems little progres...

Do you think eating fish or meat make the gw become worst?

RC Cola

you will probably need to see a doctor for the internal warts. I think a good overall diet is key too. I am still waiting to see some results.


Rc... Hows your progress?

RC Cola

I believe there has been some reduction in the size of the warts, but I am growing impatient. I have definitely felt more tired and run down and I feel that the ACV has initiated an immune response. I am going to see a doctor this Thursday.

I may try Compound W as the next option (I saw that another person posted a comment that this worked for them).

RC Cola

After trying ACV for 2 months with little or no results, I also underwent surgery to have them removed via cauterization. The surgery and the recovery period afterwards have been extremely uncomfortable and painful, but I have confidence it was the right choice. I really wish the ACV would have worked. There is nothing pleasant about any of this...


Try Newtons anti wart homeopath. You have to be very consistent in use.

Boost your immune system by cutting out all junk food, soft drinks and stop smoking.

Drink lots of water.

Drink green smoothies.

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