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RC Cola

Hi all. After reading hundreds of these posts on treatment for anal warts, I have started topical application of a mixture of ACV (apple cider vinegar from Braggs), baking soda, and a few drops of tea tree oil. I am also drinking some of the ACV itself and started on probiotics based on a few posts I have read (it seems it is just as important to fight these suckers both systemically as well as topically).

I have also read that the ACV can cause discoloration and/or scarring to the anal area, and to use Bio Oil after each ACV application to reduce the risk of this damage. I'm wondering if anyone has used Bio Oil. It seems contradictory to apply an oil to the area if it is also as important to keep the area as dry as possible (cuz warts thrive in moist areas, like in and around the anus). Can anyone help me understand the exact use and application technique of the Bio Oil?

Thanks and good luck to all - this site is fantastic and has allowed me not to get discouraged.

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Hola RC...
Are there any bleeding after the application of the mixture?

I also have dizzines after get this gw...

If there is bleeding after application what you do RC?

I observe its bigger if give tea tree oil alone in between of the mixture...

I also eat raw garlic...


Hi, stop mixing just try acv or white venigar and tissue paper.I used WV within 2 day all anus warts were off my ass.step1 clean th area,stp 2 dip cotton ball in the venigar , stp 3 place it on the warts for 2 to4 hrs NB 2 avoid much hitchhiking avoid movement it will be painful but be strong 4 best results.stp4 place tissue paper n change it after 5 hrs cleaness is important continue for2 days then repeat stp1.That what I did plz try gd day


Mboshi, applying everyday for how many days?

I have some inside of my anus...

I ever try without mixing... Its bleeding so much from the healthy tissue...
Im so scared coZ it make the area worst...
It become humid i tought...


Rico give ur ass tym 2 heal completely then try those 4 steps ,about blood me I experienced stain on the tissue after 2 day but I don't stop using the tissue. Mine was successful within 4 days, NB I used white venigar I didn't use ACV . success Rico


Rico apply vinegar ones th lest its tissue paper. Repeat it after stp 4 2 clear small onces good luck

RC Cola

Thanks mboshi. What is the difference between the White Vinegar and the Apple Cider Vinegar? Is one better than the other? Every other post on here seems to suggest using ACV. If white vinegar is more effective and/or burns less, I will switch to it.


Rico what happened


Rico l was on the same situation ur try 2 clear those u see , for me bought this cheapest one nice tym


Thx mboshi..

So apply for 2 days and then give for a recovery for how many days?
Hows your experience?

I have some inside my anus too...

RC hows your progress?

RC Cola

Guys I continue to use ACV mixture and it's been a week and I don't see much of a change. Maybe I need to leave the solution on longer or even overnight. I started on probiotics and am drinking the ACV as well. Hoping for some progress.

Will keep you posted.

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