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after not being able to sit down without pain for a week, I found this site and tried to garlic/vicks. IT IMMEDIATELY STOPPED THE PAIN. I was so skeptical but after reading submission after submission of success I figured what the hell, it's a cheap fix; and if it doesn't work, I can always utilize the cotton balls, minced garlic and vicks for later usage for what they were 'meant' to be used for. I took a very warm tub bath first and soaked for a few minutes then crushed the minced garlic along with some vicks and a few drops of water; put the cotton ball in the mixture and then applied it to the hemm. laid down in bed and within a minute RELIEF! I'm going to repeat it again before I go to sleep for the night but thank u to all who posted. I'm feeling like it has helped already. I'll repost again and tell u my results :D

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Please post more comments on the further impact of this remedy..Are you feeling fully relieved now...?


Oh so grateful to find this site. All I am reading is surgical interventions! Will try this. Thanks for posting. Am also going to try another suggestion from another user. Love this site!


After purchasing every costly topical OTC product to no avail, I tried the vicks/garlic mixture and immediately was pain free!!! This is only day 2, but I will continue this regimen daily. I have the greatest confidence that this is the cure! Whomever submitted this post is a genius!!!!


I put this garlic on it and wow. The pain is gone lost immediately. However the bulge is not shrinking yet.this is the first day though.

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