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If u have a severe nothing works tooth ache then iodine beats it all. Although be extremely careful, please. Do not swallow. Take a que tip and swab area good. Repeat once or twice. Then sit for couple minutes with no movement.Rince your mouth. The iodine kills the nerve in that tooth and trust me u won't feel nothing for weeks maybe months. Just do it again. IT WORKS. GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS...

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do you swab tooth or gums?


Lisa where can I find it??


Ok, say like the entire side of your tooth is gone like mine is. Would it still be safe to swab that actually inside the tooth?


Had a show stopping tooth ache right around Christmas. Was going to be days before dentist was available. Tried a drop of iodine in the hole in my back tooth. Three days of holy Crap pain gone in minutes and didn't come back. Wow

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