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Former Itchy Dude

I had jock itch for about a year and a half, the most maddening experience of my life. I tried the creams, sprays, powders, butt paste, candida pills, etc. -- nothing worked. It was the same every time, some glimmer of hope at first, then it would seem to become immune and get worse.

I would read around and try some of the home remedies, some people live for years and years like this, just accepting it and living symbiotically with a weird organism living on their skin. No way I was doing that, anything that can get on your skin, make it raw, and then make you want to damage your own skin by scratching so it can take over more of you is way creepy to me. And to top it off, those creams and the urge to scratch your greasy crotch and ass is so disgusting. I was not giving up.

What worked for me you ask? Calamine lotion. Growing up in the Midwest I had plenty of encounters with poison ivy and remembered this miracle cure against itchy rashes as a kid. I thought what the hell, I already wish I were dead instead of living with this disgusting organism on my skin that I could potentially give to someone else.

I bought the spray bottle variety that contains an analgesic. Man it felt like scorched earth when I sprayed it on, even worse than the Tinactin, but I would endure that feeling every hour of every day than live with that nasty stuff growing and feeding on me. The Calamine takes away the itch after a while like the other stuff but this continues to have a dull pain, which again is welcome to the weird itchy feeling from before.

Anyone that has used Calamine lotion knows that it forms a dry crusty patch wherever you apply to your skin. I can confirm that in my case the fungus died after a few days but I keep applying it even after a week now. I am waiting for my skin to fully heal before I stop treatment. I really can’t see how this wouldn’t kill just about any fungus infection as it creates such a dry hostile environment on the skin.

Anyway no matter what, never give up! Kill that stuff with whatever it takes, as long as it takes, and don’t succumb to some disgusting organism feeding on your body. It diminishes your quality of life and keeps you from doing things you would otherwise do as a person and a man.

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S. Settles

Dude I can totally relate..I don't know why, but your description was funny as's as if we shared the same body..thanks for the information. ...

S. Settles

Dude I can totally relate to your situation. .I don't know why, but your description was funny as was as if we shared the same body. .thanks for the information

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