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female. 28 years old.
i noticed some irregular skin (very small skin tag looking things) on my labia minora about 5 months ago. before a doctors visit, i tried to see if i could get rid of them on my own. i tried all/combinations of acv, banana peel, castor oil, coconut oil, tea tree oil, vitamin E oil, aloe gel, and oral intake of multivitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E, green tea pills, garlic mushroom pills, wellness pills, echinacea…i've been eating lots of kale, spinach, berries and drinking tons of tea (mostly green).
the point is, over the past 5 months, i feel like i've tried everything with little to no change in their appearance.
i saw a doctor about 2 months ago and without any real confirmation that i had gw, was prescribed Aldara. been applying it as instructed (i skipped some days because a few days after treatment it made me painfully itchy) and am down to my last dosage. still, there's no change. in fact, i think more have popped up!
i have no clue what to do and feel my confidence slipping away.
i'll take any suggestions if anyone has them out there...

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I'm so sorry you're going through this. About a year ago I was diagnosed with gw. I had numerous doctors tell me it was razor bumps or a bacteria infection. I finally found an obgyn that I trusted and I felt comfortable at. Because my case wasn't very severe, the doctor said he couldn't burn them off and we must apply certain meds once a month. He never sent me home with meds. So each month for probably about 5 or so months I would go in and he would apply a different med each time to the certain spots. Each time, some would slowly disappear.. After a while they were all gone. He said its certainly possible they can return but that would just come when it comes. I would most certainly find a doctor who knows your situation to avoid wasting time and money. The longer you wait, the worse it gets for you. Home remedies just dont work in this case. Just be patient and stay positive. It will get better.. I promise.


Hi guys, a lot of people say it home remedies don't work but in my case so far they are. I've noticed gw on me for about 1 month now, I thought it was razor bumps but then realised that it wasn't. Reading lots of treatment reviews I decided to try the tree tea treatment. It has actually worked. Getting rid of gw is not only about using the creams or oils, you need to be hygenic down there too. After using the loo I clean myself with water, ensuring that the are is dry. Twice a day (morning and night) I have been applying tea trea oil from the body shop on the warts and have already noticed in a matter of a few days that they have visibly reduced in size and no longer feel sore. I will continue this till they no longer exist. I was extremely embarrassed about going to the doctors and I probably won't go unless they come back again. Girl please remember health is more important than anything- no one will look after your health for you! Be careful and take care x


Fa, did you use fully concentrated tea tree oil? I also have the same problem. Thought I have razor bumps, but maybe they're gw.


3 months ago I had gw went to a gyna and she subscribed aldara used it for a week and I had a terrible reaction and also many bumps emerged. I almost lost hope until I went online searched for many remedies. Tried garlic well it sting and my skin peeled off so I had to stop .I then decided to try coconut oil mixed with baking powder. I made a paste and I applied it twice a day after bathing with povidine feminine wash. After applying it was painful only for the first minute or less . And after one week I could see results. Now it's 2 weeks all of the bumbs are gone. If the baking soda is too much or painful. Just use plain coconut oil it works but takes a lot of time. Good luck don't lose hope. 2 days now and no sign of reoccurrance and no scaring

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