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Well..I have suffered from boils most of my life and some were gone ion a few days and some lasted WAY too long.. heres what happened 4 days ago.. I woke up with a small read, kinda painful, sore in the area between my vaj and my thigh, of course not being able to leave well enough alone i gave it a lil squeeze, it hurt like hell and by the end of the day it was so swollen and painful i could hardly walk! i was about in tears and figuring i was gonna have to go to the hospital for the embarrassment of getting it looked at but help off because lets face it, some dr's are horrible with boils and abscesses and having to show my lady parts to a stranger just didnt seem all that fun!! They think because im heavy that THATS the problem, when i had then when i was skinny..
heres what I did..
I got into a hot bath, washed the area very well with antibacterial soap, got out and apply a layer of triple antibiotic ointment, got a washcloth and get it damp and put it on my wound and covered it with a heating pad on low for 20 mins at a time every 2 hrs, took Advil and prayer for relief. by morning it had swelled to epic per-portions but nothing was coming out ..YET, fearing i was yet into the embarrassment of an ER visit, i continued with the damp washcloth and heating pad all day.. the pain was god awful.. I will be forever thankful for wearing some soft shorts to bed instead of a night gown as about 1 am i felt this stinging throbbing feeling coming from my wound! i jumped up and SPLAT..nasty bloody pus everywhere, the relief was so profound! i jumped into the shower and let it drain with a few squeezes to help it get going really good, after 30 mins the throbbing stopped and i thought it was about over, I went to bed, didnt think i needed the heating pad or hot washcloth anymore...YA..OK.. and woke up to more pain and swelling, i quickly figured out the boil had closed and all the built up pressure was causing the pain, I waddled off to get a clean wash cloth and the heating pad going again..10 mins later, BAM, it blew again, needless to say I kept up on the damp cloth and heating pad, day and night, WORST thing ever is to let it close back up..I got up this morning to a big whiteish gray and bloody core stuck to my sleep shorts.. I showered again and its well on the mend! so what worked for me was Antibacterial soap, triple antibiotic ointment,Advil, damp hot wash clothes and a heating pad brought out the core in 4 days.. the swelling is almost gone, I can walk without wanting to scream and pee my pants..I have tried many home remedies, some worked once but didnt the next time,so i just try everything and find the best one for each situation.. Stay strong!

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I just had one in almost the same exact spot but it's right under my vaj area :( I went to the doc and she told me it was an ingrown hair that got infected and to let it rupture naturally because she didnt want to do an incision to cause another infection im in anti biotcs and an ointment it ruptured yesterday right after I took a sitz bath.. but because im not sure if u can dress the (since it is in a complicated place) I just keep constantly showering n using the anti biotic ointment.. just wondering if there's any suggestions about how to take care of it after it ruptured im kind of scared of it being re infected any suggestions would be really appreciated :)


I have one in almost the same place as yours. I am not sure if its just a boilor abcess but it has finally broke open an draining ,but it keeps filling up. It has onlybeen draining for about three days. It willdrain a couple of times a day but it gets sore and if I push on it pus comes out. Trying not to have to go to the dr


Wow I just got done draining one. I usually get the infections under my tummy where it folds (I'm a heavy girl too but not huge, ha know). Anyway I get them often enough there in the same spots that it doesn't swell the normal way. It actually creates a bubble that looks a lot like a blood blister. I let it fill up usually for a day or two and then can usually pop it with little to no pain. I think it's because of the different skin. But i usually get tiny, pimple like break outs on my thighs which never bother me. About two days ago I noticed that in the same spot as yours I was swollen and painful. This happens sometimes but it usually goes away without draining or leaving a mark. Boy was I wrong. It hurt so bad I could hardly walk or sit. I put a bandaid over it to keep it from rubbing but that's about it since I work too much to do much else. Today was day 3. I went to go change and noticed a tiny wet spot on my bandaid. I hadn't even peeled it fully off yet and it started to drain! I've had some bad boils but this was on another level! Holy cow! Immediate relief though. Cleaned it really well and put some oitment and a bandaid and now am feeling so much better! What sucks is now I'll have one more drain site that isn't as well hidden. At least our bodies know when to create a hole to drain it. I barely had to squeeze to get the core. Yuck!


Today, I was researching 'Draw Out Home Recipes' and found this site. My problem is a boil type thing on my left breast, where there is a cancerous tumor. Those here, though, mostly have a problem in the groin area and I've dealt with that in the past.
This can be very painful and lingering, and yes, embarrassing. You know your own body but consider You have to let it heal from the inside out and that involves packing with silver nitrate.


Thank you for sharing going threw this right now it's so painful what made it worse I'm on my Mistral and the pad rubby against wanted to go threw the roof in pain


I have an abcess on my left shoulder blade,it's so painful and I just want it to come to a head and pop so I can get some relief and some sleep.


Please ask your doctor if it’s possible you have HS. (Hidradenitis Suppurativa) it’s a disease that causes recurrent abscesses/boils, etc on the groin, underarm and breast. I was diagnosed with it after suffering with recurrent boils through puberty and now receive treatment.


@sissy what kind of treatment do you receive my nephew suffers from the same problem


I'm also curious about the type of treatment used for Hidradenitis Suppurativa as well, because I suffered from these boils reoccurring, they leave, and come back.

Shannon C

I have one and it has come to a head but still hasn't drained. I'm praying for a rupture asap. I've been on a warm rag and heating pad. It's been 3 days now I'm hoping that it pops within the next few hours or so. It doesn't hurt at all, thank God. I just want it to go away already

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