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Sick of BV!!!

I'd like to try the Vitamin C with rosehips method to see if it'll kill dead this damn BV I have......I don't know what brand to buy though....To the ladies who've tried this with success what brand have you all used....Please help me out here! Thanks loads!,

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I got Spring Valley from Walmart. I'm just on the second day and it has already done wonders!


Thanks for the information.... I bought a bottle from Dollar general but I'll try spring valley....I just hope it won't burn me up inside = ( Thanks again! All the best!


I also am on my 2nd day-2nd insertion of Spring Valley 500mg Vit C with Rose Hips. I read in a different post, that Walgreens carries the vit. C without Rose Hips, in case you have a colored drainage from the rose hips. I inserted a tab at bedtime and this a.m. I began to have watery drainage, as if the BV was being treated. Hopefully that's what was happening. Don't neglect taking good probiotics and eating healthier, if you don't already. My good bacteria is low and I relapsed often, even when taking appropriate probiotics, exercising, etc. for several months I've been taking Cell Power by Positive Power Nutritionals which is a comprehensive supplement which is said to also treat Candida, bacterial and fungal infections in addition to restoring the body's pH balance.


Vitamin c. D.folic acid orally. Crushed garlic orally.probiotic orally. Refresh gel. I found inserting organic plain you gert and tee tree baths non curing. I found peroxide douche to get rid of odor for a day. this worked for me. Be patient with the vitamins and garlic. The refresh gel gives immediate response to odor.

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