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TEA TREE OIL. Shampoo, soap, or straight up.

My mom has suffered from rosacea for decades, but recently she has nearly completely eliminated it.

But you have to follow this procedure EXACTLY.


FYI: You may want to just skip to treatment. This part's not pleasant.

Research has suggested that rosacea may be caused by excess of demodex. Demodex, also known as eyelash mites, are extremely common, but rosacea sufferers have been shown to have significantly more of them than most people, and in larger areas.

Demodex are harmless to most people, but some have an allergic reaction, and Rosacea sufferers have a significant access of them, causing the symptoms.


Must be followed *Exactly*

Note: You must do a lot of this in one day, so it is best started on the weekend.

Buy tea tree oil products, such as soap and shampoo. Buy new pillows.

With very hot water, wash all pillowcases, bedding, towels, scarves, and other things that may come in contact with the effected area. Put through the drier on high heat. Twice.

Anything that comes in contact with your face and cannot be washed in hot water and put through the drier on high should be packed away for at least six months.

Throw away ALL makeup that has ever been used. Use none for 2 weeks. This is extremely important.

Have furry pets? Bathe them with tea tree oil shampoo as well. Easily found at most pet stores. (Most people don't think of this, but it can help.)

**Initial Treatment**

Must be done the same day as everything is washed, and when pillows are replaced.

Wash with tea tree oil soap and shampoo. Let the tea tree oil soak on effected areas for at least 5 min, preferably 15+. Exfoliate.

Over the next two weeks, repeat soaking with the tea tree oil daily. Try not to skip any days. Exfoliate on the weekends.

**Continuing Treatment**

You can begin to use makeup again after the two week point, but wash regularly with tea tree oil and soak at least once a week. Exfoliate at least once a month, preferable every other time you soak.

Soon, you will be rosacea free! (Or very, very close to it)

If you have a significant other, you may want to encourage them to also wash their face with tea tree oil soap at least weekly, as the cause easily transfers with skin contact (even if they aren't effected.)

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