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So I am a truck driver and have no meds available no anything available and the worst toothache I have ever experienced. Enough so I was tempted to call carve my tooth out with my pocket knife. I looked up accucpressure points for tooth pain and INSTANT relief. I pressed first on the meaty part of my hand between the thumb and fore finger then I pinched my cheeks just below my eyes...that one done the trick. Its free and it's worth a shot. I couldn't believe how well it worked.

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This worked omg how did you find out how to do that


It's the gateway of pain theory. If you cause enough pain elsewhere, your brain can't focus on the other.

It's very good, until the acupressure pinching stops, then a few moments pass and you feel the persistent pain again.

But honestly, the pain can be so intense that I don't care how silly I may look, pinching my face. Relief is relief.

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