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So I am a truck driver and have no meds available no anything available and the worst toothache I have ever experienced. Enough so I was tempted to call carve my tooth out with my pocket knife. I looked up accucpressure points for tooth pain and INSTANT relief. I pressed first on the meaty part of my hand between the thumb and fore finger then I pinched my cheeks just below my eyes...that one done the trick. Its free and it's worth a shot. I couldn't believe how well it worked.

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U fuckin bitch ! I really caught myself doing this bullshit ! It took me 3 times to read it .. Ur an asshole ! Lol I'm in pain


I have pulpitis I think, the only thing that made it go away was cold water. I had extreme intense burning searing pain and read this. Can not believe it worked. I noticed an instant change when I pinched my hand and then the cheek finished it away.


Idk I am in so much pain but this seems to work until I stop pinching. No bueno


It does work. I've done that for years
. just not long enough


I am being 100% serious when I say this worked. I was lying in bed, considering putting a chisel to the tooth, when my wife found this random forum and tried it... instant relief. Thank you SO MUCH!


It worked for a little bit with me. My teeth is kinda still hurting I'm on the verge of cutting this biii out!!!!

kim g.

This is so weird but it worked for me! The pain lessened when I pressed that part of my hand, and my pain level went to about a 2 when I pinched my cheek! Thank you for posting this!!

It did work Thank You so much I am at work and have no dental insurance currently. I have an exposed nerve and it worked right away. God bless you

toothache sufferer

Truly weird but it kinda works...but why does this work ? Is it something to do with touching diferent nerve receptors that distracts the pain? How weird

Shawn small

I don't get what yall are saying too do..

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