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I discovered a cough medication called Benzonatate while on a cruise in Mexico, and by lost in translation the pharmasist told me to suck on it when I was supposed to swallow it whole. My whole entire mouth became so numb I swear you could have pulled everyone of my teeth out, and I wouldn't have felt a thing. My toungue had relaxed to the point that my speech was enabled by a heavy lisp! Non-the-less, I never forgot it!The medication finally wore off after awhile... It was about two years later I went to my doctor for an uncontrollable cough, and he prescribed me the same medication. Except, I knew to swallow it whole!Now to get to my point. I have been on a waiting list for a root canal at my local dentistry school, and I have been enduring horrible excrutiating nerve pain. If I even get a little food on that tooth and bite down on it where that tooth is, it will send a shock through my head that feels like someone took a sword and ran it through my head. I have never screamed so loud in all my life as I hold on to my face with tears barreling out of my eyes! So, I remembered that time on the cruise. The time I could have pulled out all of my teeth and not felt a thing! I grabbed one of those pills and punctured it with a needle and took one of those mini plastic tooth floss brushes and applied the medication on it, and proceeded to stick it between my teeth so the medication could get as close to the nerves as possible. I waited about 10 seconds, and sure enough, I can't feel a damn thing. Oh what a relief it is. So, if you are lucky enough to have been prescribed Benzonatate or generic for Tessalon please don't throw the unused portion away! I am sure it probably has some other numbing useful aid other than teeth pain. Also for those of you who do not have the cough medicine. Do the same thing using Oragel Severe Gel 20% Benzocain medication. The secret is to get the medication as close to the nerves as possible. So, take the little bristle side of the floss brush, and use alot to get down inbetween your teeth and gums. It really helps. At least until you can go get real professional help. Good Luck and I feel Your pain!

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doc Palitsch

That 20% benzoate does nothing any other thing that work for anyone I try ed super glue didn't work warm salt water work for about 30 mind but other then that nothing has work and I can take pain but I'm ready to cry my eyes out it hurt so bad


The Benzonate worked! I tooth is numb


Benzonatate works incredibly well!!! The relief is almost immediate and lasts for quite some time! Thanks for the advice and thank God I had some lying around!
P.S. getting it on the nerve works great for the nerve pain but it also works on the gums if you're having pain there as well or cannot reach the nerve


My dentist suggested a root canal, however,i checked with friends who are into healthy living and it was a unanimous "no." I looked up dangers of root canals and will not get one. However, I will have the tooth pulled, and if I don't like the space get a partial (like a mini denture, I guess) or a post, which I don't relish. But do some reading.

Jared's Mom

I tried the gel for my son and it made it so much worse. He is in excruciating pain like you are all describing! It just numbed his throat and now he can't swallow! It's killing me to watch and hear him suffer!


OMG! You just saved me from a night of agony! I just got a script for that and was almost immediate relief. My tongue is numb and inside my cheek but it's helping! Thank you!!!


Don’t use it on children. It’s not a safe remedy. Although effective. They don’t have the control not to swallow. Cardiac arrest is a real possibility.. DONT USE IT ON CHILDREN.

Don’t use the whole pill. Not necessary. Use an applicator

. Q-tip,tooth pick etc...DON’T SWALLOW!

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