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I have had chronically dry lips for at least 20 years I'm 32 now. I just wanted to share how my lips have seen some improvements with recent changes to my diet and lifestyle.

I have been looking for the cure or remedy for years and decades for dry lips. No one had the answer and all those articles about hydration, and lip balms wasn't the answer I was looking for. I don't think lips should need to be dependent on lip balms like crutches! I know because I know there are people who live in Canada through the cold winter and they never have to put on lip balm and their lips are plump and fine. I know there is a problem internally with the body and health status if the lips have a serious problem with healing and getting better.

Growing up :
- I never ate raw salad or vegetables everything was cooked and even then there was not much vegetable on the table.
- ate mostly a rice diet
- didn't drink much water
- used Chapstick which I think contributed to ruining my lips as I used it constantly for years on end

Over the years I have done this:
- increased my water intake
- started eating plain spring mix salad with dressing
- exercise, walking, hiking, yoga
- switched to natural lip balms made from only organic natural ingredients
- exfoliate lips in the shower or after brushing teeth when lips are still wet
- started taking a multivitamin, B Complex, and fish oils

A combination of this didn't do squat. Either the natural lip balm had trouble keeping my lips from still flaking and drying or I had to constantly reapply and moisten with water and I did not want to go back to Chapstick! But sometimes I cheated and I went back because it was the only thing that helped to stay longer without reapplying a million times a day. Eventually I switched back to natural balms again but this wasn't the root of my problem. Lips never improved.

My lips got so bad that, it looked like the collagen was lacking in my lips and my lips not only flaked and was dry but was losing the plumpness. It was becoming a shriveled raisin with deep wrinkle lines where the lips had cracked and healed =( I was having lips of an 80 year old! I still didn't know what to do... life went on.

I scour the net looking up dry lips from time to time. Then I read about chinese traditional medicine and how different parts of the face are connected to different organs of the body. The upper lips are connected to the stomach, lower edge of the upper lips represents the small intestines and the lower lips represent the spleen and large intestines. dry lips means there's too much 'heat' in these organs and more water is needed to 'cool' them down. Besides the water part, I beleive it's not just water but looking at all factors that could affect the health of the stomach,spleen and intestines which is essentially the digestive system.

I believe it's important to rule out these first in the journey to heal dry lips

1. make sure your digestive system in is healthy balance, no overgrowth in yeast (if you eat a lot of sugary items, and drinks even every other day, you probably have some yeast overgrowth in the body)
2. you have no other underlying medical conditions that you're not aware of or should be checked out that could be causing dry lips.
3. make sure you're not doing any of the lip no-no's outlined in all the articles out there (licking, picking etc etc etc)

If you've ruled out the possibility that there are any more serious underlying medical conditions that could be causing dry lips and you're pretty healthy otherwise, then logically chronically dry lips are from an imbalance in the body somewhere some how but the cure shouldn't be impossible! It's probably something we're missing.

One experiment showed results but I never kept it up:
- I used a silica supplement called Silicea which claimed to support collagen formation as it was one of the main components of collagen. Silica can be gotten from the diet especially from veggies and fruits and as your get older your bodies ability to produce collagen slows down. In 2 months my lips plumped up but dryness was not cured. Still though I had plump lips like Angelina Jolie which I enjoyed but then I got lazy after I saw the results and I never saw it to the point where my lips were cured of being chapped. Silica can be gotten from the diet especially from veggies and fruits.

However, Collagen has a high affinity for water and holds water in our bodies and in our flesh which is what plumps and smooths our skin.

So I suspected that although I drank a lot of water, I was not able to keep the water in my body. Even then I was lazy to get the supplement again.

Recently here's what I've started doing and I noticed changes in my lips. They are now plump again

Just before this past xmas I decided to get back into hot yoga and started doing belly dance which is good for the digestive system

- started adding tomatoes to my plain spring mix salads
- started eating more oranges, bananas and fruit in general
- made sure to drink even more water, at least 1.5 L a day
- Getting more sleep!
- Started using Burts Bees Regenerating formula (Pomagranate flavour)

The tomatoes and fruits have only been added in the last two months and I found the MOST improvement in plumping after I started eating them daily. It took some time and I wasn't doing this for the lips, it was just a nice bonus, but at this point I exfoliate my lips put on balm, but even if I dont put on balm and it dries up after washing my face the lips on the skin seem to stay intact for a good part of the day, instead of starting to crack, flake or crust over after a half hour. So the integrity of the skin on my lips are improving. I am sure that in time, the skin will heal and get to be normal like it should and it won't be so dependent on lip balm.

So my conclusion is that drinking water is must, but the other factor is how well is your body retaining the water and keeping it in your flesh and skin? Vegetables greens, tomatoes, fruits contain a lot of silica which why they are so plump themselves. maybe you're not eating enough fruits and veggies to and your ability to make collagen is being crippled without enough silica.
Also Coffee and tea are diuretics which means they make you lose water and don't hydrate you. Same with pop.

I believe that if the lips are dry and lacking plumpness, it means that your organs have been 'de-plumping' and started lacking collagen well before showing up in the lips. So I believe that if you start replenishing collagen by eating more veggies, fruits and maybe even taking Silicea, the organs will need to be healed first and when they do the lips come after so .. about a few months time. Once the lips gain their plumpness again I think it's only a matter of time that the ability to retain water in the flesh of the lips will only help to heal chronically dry lips completely. In the mean times persistent and consistent lip balm of the natural kind is a must during the healing process. I really like burts bees regenerating formula. It's natural, it stays on a reasonable amount of time before I need to reapply and it has pomagranate oil which supposedly has vitamin C which is a catalyst to making collagen as well.

My lips are about 70% healed. deep line wrinkles are gone. It's not a shriveled raisin anymore and the skin can withstand being naked without balm for a few hours though I don't do this on purpose. I will put on lip balm as soon as I can but just being able to have naked lips maintain their skin integrity is an amazing improvement from before.

I know the battle with dry lips can be long and futile so I just wanted to share what I've have learned, experiments and experienced. I hope that this sheds some light or some clues and helps others start to heal their lips too.

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I just wanted to add to my post here as an update.

After touting the results I saw from Silicea I went out and got a bottle again. Since I've been eating fruits and veggies my lips have naturally plumped up prior to buy this supplement and lips were already on their way to healing. But I was looking forward to trying out Silicea again to see what results it would give me now. I am on the 6th or 7th day of taking it daily and I noticed my lips are even more plump today. Prior to today I didn't noticed much change but I guess it's gradual. My upper lips never really have any chapping problem and it lets me know what normal healthy lip skin should feel ilke!! (thank goodness I have a reference. but it wasn't always like that). It's really the bottom lip I am working on now, and it hasn't been normal skin since decades. not even one day. I sometimes wonder if the skin is just too damaged to go back to normal. But I don't want to think that way until I've tried everything on this planet (that's natural of course!). Anyway the bottom lip seems to heal from the lip parting down. The lip 'scabs' are along the middle - bottom edge of my lower lips. There are no lip 'scabs' on the lip parting on the lower lip anymore. It seems to not need the 'scabs' anymore...but it's not healthy skin either. It's taking some time, but I guess we'll see if it'll go back to normal skin. Still .. it's definitely an improvement by a looong way!! from the shriveled thin prune lips with cracks, and crusty thick skin. This is now 2.5 months that state and since starting veggies and fruits



Thanks for sharing your story. I also have been suffering from this condition for maybe 20 years now. It's very frustrating. My lips have recently started shriveling like a raisin, and I am panicking because I don't know what to do to improve it. I will try some of your strategies, especially as it pertains to silica! Thanks again!

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