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For Candida and BV: Cell Power by Positive Power Nutritionals. This supplement is comprehensive, meaning it treats a multitude of medical issues in addition to balancing the body's pH. In my literature and speaking with a RN employee of the company, this supplement treats allergies, (in which I no longer need allergy medication), bacterial, viral, Candida, fungal infections, chemical toxicity, GI tract disorders and a lot more. My local natiural foods store sells this product in addition to their other product Super Silica. Using this supplement, you put the therapeutic doses in water and drink it daily ALSO to treat bacterial and Candida I soak an organic tampon with a few drops of Cell Power and insert twice daily until I no longer have the issue, which is less than 10 days for me. One thing I didnt do that made me relapse was not to successfully and swiftly increase my probiotic dosages daily to build a lot more good bacteria. My good bacteria had dropped very low over a period of time and my eating habits didn't change for the best, so I relapsed a few times. But most of us are in a learning stage, that's why we're on this site. Cell Power works as you're drinking the drops in water and using the tampon method. Be sure after the BV or Candida is treated, to successfully build up good bacteria and test your vaginal and body pH weekly. To test your body's pH, Positve Power Nutritionals has that kit. for vaginal pH Vagisil or Refresh has that kit.

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