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Doc Savage

I had a bad toenail infestation for many years and this worked like a charm: 1/2 White Vinegar + 1/2 Listerine (the brown kind) + a few drops of Grapefruit Seed Oil. Soak your feet in it for about 30 minutes twice daily. You can do it while you eat breakfast or watch TV. I just left it in a dishwashing tub, and changed it out every few weeks. If the smell really bothers you, you can cover the tub with a cutting board.

Women's toenails are thinner than men's, so they will respond a little faster. Mine took about 2 months and it's been gone for several years now.

For reference, I'm a physician and tried the antifungal pills, the paint-on antifungal treatment, foot powders, creams, you-name-it. Vinegar/Listerine/Grapefruit Seed Extract is cheap, safe, and works better than anything I've ever heard of. It can also be used to treat or prevent Athlete's Foot. The only down-side is that it takes 30 minutes twice-a-day. And no method is fast - it takes time.

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Thank you for sharing this. Could you tell us what was your suger intake during this period? I have a sweet tooth and this probably is contributing to the toenail fungus problem.

Poppy Kat

Thanks, I'm trying this method, starting today


Will the blue Listerine work as well?


Do you mean grape seed oil?


OK, 'Doc'
Give us a break. No physician in his (or her) right mind would call it an 'infestation'...or 'grapefruit seed oil.' You're busted.

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