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I want to share my situation as well. I read the posts after finding a large 'lump' near the region and based on where it was and pictures online, assumed abscess. I still scheduled a colorectal visit with doctor, but figured it couldnt hurt to use the tea tree oil and tumeric home remedy, as cant do any harm, and seems universally to reduce swelling and make things go away

DUring the 4 days before my visit, the swelling did go down, though still there, and was excited like everyone else was. This thing was huge.

So I go to doctor, explain history, and my treatment, and he tells me it isnt an anal abscess. Rather, a thombrous hemorroid, or blod clot thing. He said, the reason it went down, was not because the tumeric tea tree oil, it was because it doesnt need surgery, etc.. it will just go away within a week or two.

I am not saying you shouldnt use the home remedy, but the doctor did say something to know.

If it doesnt hurt, it isnt an abscess, its something else. So if you use anything, like tea oil and tumeric, and it goes away, its not because of that. Its because the ailment wasnt serious.

If it does hurt really bad.. then it probably is an abcess, and you can still use the treatments, but see a doctor, as it could be more serious, including internal explosions, deep fistulas, etc..

I would just hate for people with a thombrous hemorroid, which goes away naturally, to think that this treatment works (which it may) and to not go see a doctor, when it could be something really serious.

Anal Abcesses are usually agonizing. I love Homeopathic home remedies, but I would use in congruous visit with a professional .

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Best advice I have read!
I have been on the wrong end of an bursting internal abscess that turned into a fistula.
The infected abscess literally burrowed out of my body, appearing as blood and puss filled bubble next to my anus.
My mistake was letting a Doctor at the general surgery tell me it was an angry hemorrhoid! Only a Colo-rectal surgeon / specialist will have the experience and proper equipment necessary to diagnose correctly.
If you have a real aching pain in your butt, go get it sorted properly. IT will not sort itself out. All fistulas will need to have surgical intervention to cure the symptoms.... and believe me, its not a fun operation to have!


Thanks sharing ur experience guys..It helps me a lot I'm also facing same problem of boil. Even I applied turmeric and tea tree oil it really works. Thanks once again.

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