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I have had such horrible cramps ever since I got my first period over twenty years ago. The cramps would leave me doubled over in pain and my periods were irregular and unbelievably heavy. It was not uncommon for me to leak through nighttime pads. I had accepted this as my normal.

Then about a year ago, I decided to look into reusable / washable pads for environmental reasons. While researching brands, I came across a lot of information from women who had switched and said not only did they notice a decrease in their cramps, but they also noticed a decrease in the length of their period. I decided to try the reusable pads, but was doubtful that I would notice any difference.

The very first time I got my period and I used the reusable pads, my period went from 7 days long, with five of those days being extremely heavy, to a total of four days, with only one heavy day. My cramps were also non-existent. Even my husband made mention a few months in that I wasn't complaining of cramps anymore. I've now been using Charlie Banana reusable pads for over a year and still notice a great decrease in not only the length of my cycle, but also in the severity of my cramps.

Lots of research online points to all the bleach and chemicals they put in disposable pads and tampons as actually causing you to bleed longer and heavier, with more severe cramps.

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