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I was literally in TEARS! I took two Tylenol Pm's with Three regular strength Advil... that didn't even TOUCH my pain. I also have bad teeth due to medications and my thyroid removed. Here is my remedy. Take a tablespoon of garlic powder. A tablespoon of onion powder. And finally take a tablespoon of Sea Salt and blend all that together with about 8oz. or so of very warm water. That will knock it out in no time! I'm feeling so much better and I see my dentist tomorrow morning.

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Thank you for sharing this. I think I came down with an infection after surgery, and on Tuesday, unintentionally made it spread. I believe that they scratched the roof of my mouth with the air tube, and that was where it started. Tuesday, I tried soothing the scratch with my tongue when I felt and heard something go 'crunch' in the roof of my mouth. In the next day or so, I had pain radiating to teeth, jaw and cheek. Unfortunately, that wasn't all that happened post surgery. I had an allergic reaction to the anesthetic they used, which already made my teeth hurt, and then a skin sensitivity to the adhesive in the tape they gave me for the gauze bandage. I wanted to thank you for sharing this. While I am making 8 oz at a time, I can only stand to rinse with half that, but I've gotten through 12 of them, just using it as a rinse, and it has really helped!


I was in so much pain and have been for a month now I take a lot pills like Tylenol etc only helps a lil. Salt water was OK but the garlic onion salt remedy kicked in the quickest


do you gEagle it or do you drink it


By your description, a trip to The Olive Garden should take care of it. LOL.


no one said if you are to drink the garlic,onion and sea salt or just hold it in your mouth???????


I have been sitting here in pain for hours. Why didn't I find your remedy sooner?!?!?! As soon I gargled it & spit outvthe first rinse? INSTANT RELIEF. THANK YOU!!!


A sure fire relief from tooth infection pain. 10 drops of tea tree oil in one cup of water. Swish around for one minute. 4 times a day.👍

Nicky KNows

God Bless You Thank you for sharing! This definitely works!

My tooth broke months ago and I didn't take action. woke up swollen and throbbing this AM. I know I need antibitics but this quick remedy help so I didnt have to leave work.

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