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Thanks for all the entries and sharing your experiences. First, if you have a fever and chills and/or severe nausea and/or vomiting, get to the doctor. Even if a home remedy reduces symptoms, it doesn't mean you're healed or cured.

Mine situation is much like other middle aged women: recurring UTI with subsequent kidney infections many of them I was unaware of the kidney infection.

This time I became nauseous, lack of appetite and had flank pain. I had a UTI with symptoms a month ago but resolved those with simple cranberry juice. Even without the UTI symptoms (burning while urinating, frequent urination with little output, e.g.) I developed a kidney infection. It's time to get serious.

I saw the doc. She seemed to take it very seriously and prescribed ten days of Levaquin.

Didn't work! I noticed the UTI symptoms would reappear in the morning trip to the bathroom along with darker urine. Otherwise, my urine was crystal clear. obviously, the illness is coming back overnight. I read this is common amongst women - especially my age. I have NO desire to take antibiotics over long term. Leviquin is particularly nasty in that it can break your achilles tendon. How horrible! I called leaving a message to the doctor that the infection is still present. She never called back. How's that for 'medical care'.

Now I'm trying

500mg cranberry capsules 1xday
Echinacea/Goldenseal Complex 2xday
Switched to store-bought demineralized water because we have heavy tap water.
Eating red grapes and parsley.
Eating home made buttermilk (probiotics)

Flank pain is diminishing and I can now tolerate drinking more than just water without any flank pain drawbacks or UTI symptoms trying to come back.

I'm thinking about going to a lab and having the urinalysis and blood work done for MYSELF. Knowing the culprit is half the battle. Anybody know which tests need to be performed?

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Medical technologist

At least a urinalysis with microscopic and CBC with differential. The urinalysis will show if you have Sugar, bilirubin, or bacteria in your urine. The microscopic will show bacteria, yeast and casts all used for diagnosing infection. The CBC will show your white blood cell count, another indicator of infection and if you are anemic. The differential will show what your actual white blood cell count percentages are. Example. Increased neutrophils indicate bacterial infection.

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