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I woke up with a fever blister Wednesday morning. Each day it grew bigger and more painful. Not only did the fever blister get bigger, my lip was swollen, the side of my face was swollen and painful to the touch. I used some sort of ointment but it was not working. Lately I have moved to using more natural ways of healing myself. I found this website and bought myself some tea tree oil. I mixed with a part tea tree oil and part olive oil. I did not have any eucalyptus oil so I left that out. I started applying the mixture about 4-hours ago and have made 3-applications so far. It works..!! It works…!! It works…! The swelling has gone down, my lip has deflated, the pain in the side of my face is gone and I have only used it for the last 4-hours. I will be using this for some other stuff on my body as well. I will updated in a few days. I hope that the blister will be completely gone…!! Loved it..!!

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So what do I use and where can I get it


so will i have to put it 3 times and for 4 hours and it will be gone?! please answer me its so important to me


It wont disappear over night it needs time to heal but the tea tree oil does help alot. Trust me.

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