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Obviously I am one of the many people who cant have a gaping sore on their face and be comfortable.. I have tried a few remedies.. and this one is by far the best. When you feel the first tingle or itch, apply oil of oregano with a q tip or clean finger( wash right after) and let it sit until it stops the dull burning.. I would alternate between this and blistex or carmex all day and by day 2 its pretty much gone.. You'll have a few tiny tiny scabs where the blisters would have been. but if you're lucky, you skip about 5 days off the 7-10. Make sure you continue this method until its totally gone or it may come back and at night i sometimes use the cold sore healing patches, just to prevent me from touching and spreading it in my sleep... I have never had to pop one.... not that I would either, but honestly $10 and it lasts you months and months.. You can also take it orally every few weeks and I have noticed that unless my lips are extremely chapped or im super sick or stressed... i hardly get sores.

Also, another one thats weird is naturpet healing spray. I got it for my dog from his vet for a bacterial infection in his paws and i looked up the ingredients and they are all herbs and all natural things so i used it and same affect as the oil of oregano, except this one would be a more over night one as it leaves a bit of a brown stain where you apply it

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