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I was reading articles for home remedies for boils or abcesses. And, I wanted to support someone else who submitted their information. There is an illness that is called Hydratinitis. In other words, Hydra (for water) and ITIS for inflammation. Meaning, you were born and it is passed genetically with swollen sweat glands. They swell shut and this causes them to back up and create boils. Mostly people have the boils in their groin area and under the arms. I had this diagnosed when I was about 9 - I am 52 now and have met only 1 other doctor in all those years who had heard of this. The doctor who diagnosed me years ago - told me then that if it gets bad enough - and it did - they slice open the armpit and scrape off the sweat glands then after it heals over you don't get the boils anymore as long as they got the sweat glands. This surgery can not be done in groin area because there is not enough flesh to slice open so they cauterize each individual boil and if it gets bad again over time you can have it re-done. I never have. And, as I said I have rarely met a doctor who had one clue what this is!

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Bless you all

Try castor oil applied topically when you have an outbreak. You can put it on a cloth or gauze and tape in place. It helped my son. I use a cold pressed castor oil. It's amazing stuff and maybe $10 at health stores. Don't give up.

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