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I was reading articles for home remedies for boils or abcesses. And, I wanted to support someone else who submitted their information. There is an illness that is called Hydratinitis. In other words, Hydra (for water) and ITIS for inflammation. Meaning, you were born and it is passed genetically with swollen sweat glands. They swell shut and this causes them to back up and create boils. Mostly people have the boils in their groin area and under the arms. I had this diagnosed when I was about 9 - I am 52 now and have met only 1 other doctor in all those years who had heard of this. The doctor who diagnosed me years ago - told me then that if it gets bad enough - and it did - they slice open the armpit and scrape off the sweat glands then after it heals over you don't get the boils anymore as long as they got the sweat glands. This surgery can not be done in groin area because there is not enough flesh to slice open so they cauterize each individual boil and if it gets bad again over time you can have it re-done. I never have. And, as I said I have rarely met a doctor who had one clue what this is!

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Hidradenitis suppurativa!


Hi i have the same condition i have just been diagnosed with it after 20 years of suffering


I have had the same diagnosis. I have had my sweat glands operated on several times. The abscess continue to come back. I have them in my armpits, groin area, buttock, anal,underneath my breast, face yoi name it. I too have had it since childhood. I don't know what a pain free day is. All I want to do is cry. I have tried so many antibiotics ,heating pad etc. Somebody help.


It's actually HIDRANITIS SUPPRATIVA you are referring to that causes pus filled, painful abscesses in the groin & underarms. There are treatments such as antibiotics, Isotretinoin for severe cases, but the underline cause could be metabolic. Has your physician ordered labs to check hormone levels. Weight has a contributing factor as well. Don't get discouraged there is help available. :)


Your post actually freaked me out because I was planning on posting this same info and my name is Anna. I didnt remember already needless to say it took me a sec.


Hormones are considered a contributing factor,as women in menapause find relief.

The orphan disease since most of us are to ashamed to seek medical help


I have the same I have had both sides of my groin operated on but they will not touch my armpits because there is too much movement and the stitches would split and not heal properly. The absess es on my groin continue to come back and with the added bonus of scar tissue it is double the pain. In my case as many others my weight the fact that I smoke and have cystic acne all play a major part.


I was on monodox for a time and it really worked. But only for a year. But it was 1 whole year without a flare up.

Trudy from pennsylvania

Ive have been diagnosed with tgis since i was 17. Im 27 now its an embarrassing thing especailly when in a relationship. Ive had them under armpits first very big and painful. Then when i was like 21 they startd poppong up in my groin area. Its a major pain in the ass. Sometimes i cant get out of bed n now im 8 months pregnant n its non stop in my armpits n groin. Feeling hopeless. Theres this tea i usr to drink called pau de arco. U can get it at a whole foods store worked wonders. But cant drink it since im preg. Its also great for folliculitis.


It's painful, I suffer from the same thing!! I always know that i will have an "outbreak" a week or two before getting my period. I've tried eating clean, weight management, trying not to stress, etc but it's always around my monthly cycle these painful things pop up. I haven't truly found anything to alleviate the pain but I take lots of ibuprofen and hot baths. The sad thing is, these became worse within the past 4 years. Before when I used to get them, they were here and there occasionally!!! It sucks! What kind of medication can be given??? Does anyone know?

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