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I had BV for about a year. I read about using Vitamin C capsules. I inserted one soluble capsule in my vagina three nights in a row. After the second one I had a lot of discharge. After the third one no discharge so I stopped. It worked!! It's been about a month and no smell or discharge! It's awesome. Try it!

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i tried this.. it burned so bad the first night, i woke up screaming and crying trying to flush it out of me. could not make it to the second day


I'd like to try it but I'm scared the shits gonna burn like hell...My vajayjay is sensitive! Think I'll pass on this method!


Oh my god this remedy is genius! I tried and sure enough right away the odor is gone! And I agree about lots of discharge. But thank you so much for sharing this


I put one 500 mg vitamin c and rose hips caplet into myself last night, and woke up with absolutely no odor (it smelled pleasant actually) and no more itching/discharge. Works like magic. Thank god!!


Hi...I really like this page I thing it helps a lot...especially for ladies who are ignorant of this infections.pls I went for a vacation and am not very conversant with the surrounding,so I decided to try the net...I just started having wierd discharges and days later the odour followed,I wanted to try the vatimin C capsules,but I only see tablets,would the tablets also work??


Was it a chewable tablet or regular tablet?


I saw both of them...the chewable and d regular


I tried this method and my BV got worse. It was burning badly and created small slits =( Please help someone


For those who are afraid of burning. I read from a medical professional, don't remember who nor the website, that the burning mostly comes from the vit.c leaking out unto the labia. But if you're recently had intercourse you may have slight burning from any internal tears or friction. What's recommended is to lie on your back or sit and insert the vit. C as far up into the vagina as possible. For menopausal women who may experience dryness, you can pour clean water onto the tablet and insert. You don't want to melt the tab, just wet so that the tab will disintegrate as it should inside the vagina. The wet water helps the tab out...Gods best!

Sick of BV!!!

@ KC----- Thanks for your help and information! I'll try this method and see what happens! Thanks again you rock!

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