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I do not have any permanent fixes for scars, and my solutions may just work for me, but I thought I would put it out there. Maybe it will help someone.

First fix: depending on the colouring of the scar, keep a correctly coloured spray tan around and put a little on the scar. It won't fix it permanently, and if you colour it wrong, it won't look right, but the scar shouldn't be as noticeable.

Second fix: Over the counter scar medication. Little time consuming, but oh well.

Third fix: I don't know why this works, and there is a large possibility it may just be my skin, but I have found lemon juice or toothpaste helps. It will not make the scar disappear, but it shrinks a little? If it doesn't work for you, please don't post rude comments. It works for me.

I hope at least one of these can help, and if not, I'm sorry. If your scars are from purposeful injuries, I'm sorry, please hang in there. People care and love you.

Anyways... Have a nice day?

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sanjay kumar

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