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I've had my fair share of cuts. And if you need a quick solution to make them stop bleeding, this has worked for me.

I grab some hairspray and just spray it on, wipe off the excess, and repeat if necessary.

Please note, this is not the best solution! If you have a cut and have the time to wait for it to stop bleeding, please just apply pressure and wait. Putting stuff on the cut when your in a hurry is okay, but the best thing to do is wait it out.

Hairspray gets the job done but please remember it wont feel good. But it takes care of it til you can get a bandaid.

*If the cut was not accidental, please, just hang in there. If you think no one cares, know that at the very least, I care. I promise there are people here for you. Stay strong.*

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thank you <3

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