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I have been diagnosed with GH for about 9 years now and have just had my second outbreak. I honestly almost couldn't even tell I was having one since its been so long and extremely rare for me that I forgot what to do to help with the pain. Then I remembered the two things that truly worked for me and continue to work for me and that is Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, and Vaginal Cream. Every time I go to the bathroom i PAT (do not rub pat) myself dry so the sores won't continue to be painful. After that I role two pieces of toilet paper up and place it on top of the ACV and Shake some on there and pat it lightly on the sores. I do this twice but I use new toilet paper every time because I feel like it's cleaner. After that I put the vaginal cream on the sores in a glob and I rub it in a little but not all the way. This helps me personally with the itchy aspect of this. Within two days my sores are almost completely gone! The main thing that works is the Raw Apple Cider Vinegar it honestly works wonders. It will sting a little but seriously Google the powers of ACV and you will see how beneficial it really is. Hope this helps I'm not the best as explaining things but this truly works for me

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I was wondering what if your outbreak is in the inside am not out?

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