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Here is a good remedy for a facial rash. I used a night cream and it made my face itch so bad, tried everything and all dried out my face and made me itch even more. I rubbed some olive oil on the rash and what a relief.

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jodi relief na paisi....


i think i know why your acne isnt disapering if you check your tdprucos and lokk and the ingredience , if you find there is more than 20 ingredience they're just goin to clog up your pores and cause more acne so just use natural home things like cider vinegar or a great one i use that helped me to get rid of my acne was baking powder


Something in addition, for all rashes not just face, would be to freeze olive oil into cubes and put it in a bad and then use a sheet or paper towel in between them. I did this for a ran on my foot after several creams and a few natural remedies failed


Surely I can relief rash

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