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I have had a problem with abcess trying to start. I have been using Listerine a few times a day along with taking Echinacea to try to build up immunity and stop the abcess. I have been doing this for 2 weeks.

I also started using antioxidant formula with vitamin A,C and E to help with immunity to fight the infection.

The abcess was trying to get worse. I swished with olive oil for 20 minutes (oil pulling). Also ate a garlic clove. Hours later, the abcess is nearly gone.

I am not sure if it was the garlic or the oil pulling or a combination that helped the abcess go away.

I'm trying to keep the abcess from getting out of control until I can see a dentist.

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Oil pulling worked for me!! I used coconut oil instead of olive oil, but it worked so well! I had taken ibuprofen and it wasn't working. I swished the oil for 20 minutes and haven't even thought about my tooth since! With oil pulling it is important to be very careful not to swallow the oil. It pulls all the toxins and bacteria into the oil and that is not something you want to swallow, right?


I'm pulling right now!


If you swallow the oil by accident what might happen? I'm experiencing tooth pain now and I'm gonna try home remedies till next week


When i have a really bad tooth i use cloves seasoning and smash it up and rub it on the tooth it numbs it super quick.


DO NOT DO OIL PULLING if you have a lot of metal fillings or crowns and caps! It will make them fall out! It works better for people without a lot of dental issues.

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